Celebrex Alternatives

I am not sure if I can afford to keep taking this drug so I am looking for alternatives. The backyard chemist in me has kind of given up on making my own so I am just going to continue to look for the best solution for me and others like me. I really can't afford the $350 a visit doctor who , although highly acclaimed , I never met. It was wait three months longer or see his associate. I do not think they make a price adjustment either and were going to quit prescribing Celebrex unless I came back for another visit. My recourse was to have my regular doctor prescribe it. Even with the Pfizer discount program and my prescription insurance it is $25 a month - not cheap.

This insightful article is very helpful. The recent scare in the news about Pfizer settling lawsuits in my opinion really has nothing to do with Celebrex as a drug. There are just too many factors in the diagnoses involved and too many sue happy people. Medicine is an art performed by highly trained scientists and is not 100% accurate. People miss their doses , lie about doing (or not doing) other things that contribute to their health so whilst I applaud ongoing efforts at clinical trials the results are just not conclusive. Its like gambling ... there are warnings on every package of Celebrex ... and you choose to pop the pill or not. I think they settle some lawsuits because the other team just isn't going to give up and has singleness of purpose and Pfizer just wants to get back to its business- making drugs and money. Settling lawsuits isn't about the right or wrong of Celebrex - its about business. If there was real proof that Celebrex caused heart attacks in most people they would pull it off the market.

At this point I am going to continue Celebrex and work on seeking alternatives because I am on a budget and my true goal is to have less pain and slow down my disease. My favorite therapy is a couple of golf balls I picked up for $2.

I found the article on emedtv.com

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