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Grab Some Comfort ~"Secrets To A Pain Free Life" by Reza Ghorbani MD Review

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

Managing pain is a complex and confusing journey and "Secrets To A Pain Free Life" is giving me a lot of tools to navigate with. The author , Dr..Reza Ghorbani MD , ABIPP, FIPP is a Harvard trained pain management specialist. So I looked up his practice *click here if you want to check him out*
  I was curious about the fancy letters in his title too
 ABIPP- American Board of Interventional Pain Physicians
  FIPP-  Fellow of Interventional Pain Practice

 The book "Secrets To A Pain Free Life" packs a lot of information and compassion into its relatively small size. Even some humor as there are quite a few cartoon panels. I was especially pleased to find recipes containing pain fighting herbs ~ especially turmeric! I knew turmeric was good for pain and  look for it in prepared mustard and recently noticed it as an ingredient in Mahatma brand yellow rice. I was telling Mike  (the owner of the gym I go to) ab…