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Natural alternatives to acetaminophen - Phoenix Alternative Medicine |

Natural alternatives to acetaminophen - Phoenix Alternative Medicine |

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I was trying to find an alternative brand to Tylenol and I found some natural pain relievers :D Skullcap, Capsaicin, Curcumin and white willow bark. I was told by my pharmacist that acetaminophen was okay to take with my Celebrex for a backache (only acetaminophen - Not aspirin, Doans  or other NSAIDS). I looked in my cupboard and all the products containing acetaminophen contained aspirin or something else. So I am still on the hunt for a pharmacy product however I now have this great list of alternatives to Share and I will post more information when I find where to buy and how to use them. :D

Foods That Help You Sleep - How to Sleep Better - RealAge

Foods That Help You Sleep - How to Sleep Better - RealAge:
Wow so many of these are my favorite foods I eat all the time ... when I am not trying to be sleepy! My sister told me oatmeal made her sleepy and now I know why!
'via Blog this' Almonds, Bananas, Skim Milk , Whole-Wheat bread and Oatmeal are the five featured in this article by Real Age

Folgers Coffee - Recipes - Brewed Iced Coffee

Folgers Coffee - Recipes - Brewed Iced Coffee:

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This one is super easy! I will have my results shortly however I have no whipped cream . Aha ...results above :D If you have a great summer iced coffee recipe I would love to hear about it! :D

Symptoms Other Treatments for Osteoarthritis Conditions InDepth 19919

Sweet Victoria's Secret Deal!

I especially like this because you can do it online OR better even once a day in store! To Earn Online/Catalogue: Place an order of in-stock merchandise totaling $10 or more. Your Secret Reward card will be included in your merchandise package. One Secret Reward card per order. To Earn in Stores: Spend $10 or more and your Secret Reward card will be included with your purchase. One Secret Reward card per customer, per day. Valid through 11:59pm EST on March 31, 2012, online, by phone and in select stores; while supplies last. Not valid on previous purchases made before March 1, 2012. Secret Reward card is redeemable April 1-30, 2012 online, by phone or in stores; excluding outlets. Offer not valid in Puerto Rico stores or for customers in Canada. Secret Reward card has no value until April 1, 2012. We regret that we cannot divulge card’s value; it will be revealed at checkout. We cannot replace lost or stolen cards. See back of Secret Reward card for more details. Gift cards, gift wr…

Multi -tasking ...maybe this''ll motivate the housework ~ The Workout you may already do!

I love this one. I did not rewrite any of it as I am not a fitness advisor. I did like it enough to share because it seems reasonable to me 10 minutes of certain housework is definitely working out! HealthFitness Jan 10 to me Welcome to the Tip of the Day! See this on my Pinterest! *** Today's Tip: HOUSEHOLD WORKOUTS Everyday chores count. The American College of Sports Medicine and the American Heart Association consider raking leaves and vacuuming as moderate physical activity, as long as you are working for at least 10 minutes at a time! Your goal should be to accumulate at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise each week. Small pieces of activity count towards this goal as well. Consider 10-minute increments three times a day. Let’s get cleaning! Source: American College of Sports Medicine


I discovered this through Klout and it is really fun , fascinating and informative. It is in "Beta" but I only see it getting  Better . You can actually see your tweets reach on a sonar type picture. I am so hooked already!

I was given a free product or sample because I'm a Klout influencer. I was under no obligation to receive the sample or talk about this company. I get no additional benefits for talking about the product or company.
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Kimberly Snyder - Google+ - The Smithsonian magazine's 9th annual photo contest…

Kimberly Snyder - Google+ - The Smithsonian magazine's 9th annual photo contest…:

'via Blog this' Just click the link to view and vote on some amazing artistic photos SAMANTHA ON HER FARM Connorsville, Wisconsin, May 2011 (Bernadette Pollard/St. Paul, Minnesota) # Voting ends March 30,2012 and you can vote for your favorite everyday. Here is a link to take you straight to the voting

Ask Dr. Abelson

Ask Dr. Abelson:

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This doctor made the best video for osteoarthritis exercises and tips. The best way for me to have handy access and maybe hear other people's opinions is to put it on my lovely blog. I have a friend with rheumatoid arthritis and perhaps there are tips on here for her too. Huge site! Lots of info!

Zynga | Connecting the World Through Games

Zynga | Connecting the World Through Games:

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Two of my favorite things :D Buy the snacks ...get the code How To Redeem Your Code Offer open to U.S. Residents only, aged 13 or older, with valid Facebook account. Participating snacks available for purchase from Walmart from March 1, 2012 until April 12, 2012, while supplies last. Codes must be redeemed for virtual items between 12:00am Pacific time March 1, 2012 and 12:00am Pacific Time May 12, 2012. Each unique code printed on specially-marked packages of Frito Lay Snacks may be redeemed one time in Farmville, Cityville or CastleVille (“Participating Games”) for an exclusive virtual item. Redeem one code each from 4 of the 5 participating Frito-Lay snacks AND the code from a $15 or $25 Zynga Game CardTM (“Game Card”) purchased at Walmart all in the same Participating Game to receive an exclusive Super Item. Super Items can be acquired by (i) redeeming 5 codes from any combination of codes from participating Fr…

Stand Up for NPR and PBS - DSCC: Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee

Stand Up for NPR and PBS - DSCC: Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee:

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When are they going to quit their fancy dinners and carpool? I have cable and no children and I love PBS! They want to quit funding for it the link and maybe we can bring them back to the reality that is real American life!