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Game On - Snacking Made Easy with Blue Diamond Almonds

Snacking should be easy and that is why I like using Blue Diamond Almonds. Especially now that they have such a great squad of novel flavors and some are truly exciting like the Wasabi & Soy Sauce version from their Bold line - these Blue Diamond Almonds will wake up your mouth. Seriously -KAPOW. I decided to use them to wake up some fish. The side dish is couscous and spinach -hey I bet a few almonds would have livened that up too!

One thing I really love about a game feast is there are no holds barred and I am the referee so anything goes. My goal was a variety of things that went well with almonds and I was provided with two distinct flavors ~ the aforementioned Wasabi & Soy Sauce and also Blue Diamond Smokehouse. (Thanks Blue Diamond Almonds!)
Something about working with almonds makes me think healthy and I thought strawberries would go well with almonds and I was so right.
A little game changing fact - did you know almonds can help with cholesterol issues as they help r…

Ozeri Fresko Salt and Pepper Duo ~Functional Elegance For Any Table

Freshly ground pepper is strangely addicting and I now find myself adding it to everything I cook. I have owned those store bought ready to grind pepper shakers and they just did not have the same appeal. Maybe the peppercorns were stale or inferior in the ready to grind however I just bought store brand peppercorns for this little venture and they are delicious. Or perhaps it is because of the ceramic grinder that is adjustable from coarse to fine that releases the true essence of the peppercorn.

 The Ozeri Salt and Pepper Duo is sleek, contemporary and compact. The stainless steel acrylic casing is durable and easy to clean - just wipe with a damp cloth.

 Here is a picture of some rice with freshly ground pepper from the Ozeri Fresko Salt and Pepper Duo vs pre ground store pepper ~ notice how clean and fresh it looks and not dusty? I put sea salt in the other compartment however since I do not add salt to hardly anything I am considering trying another herb/spice in there. What do …