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Get Old Fashioned Comfort with New Pine Bros Softish Throat Drops

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

Need a little nurturing for a sore throat? Check out Pine Bros Softish Throat Drops!

Original Pine Bros were first manufactured in 1870 and had a strong following until the 1970's when their parent company sold the rights and dropped the ball. Now the original formula has been painstakingly researched, revived and  repackaged! I remember these from when I was a child and wondered where they had gone. They were part of the nurturing ritual my Mom gave us when we were sick.

Available in three great flavors Natural Honey, Wild Cherry and Licorice and two styles of packaging : Bags containing 32 drops and my new favorite- pucks, which contain 26 drops. The pucks have a screw on lid which keeps the lozenges fresh and secure for travel. A Lemon ~ Citrus formula is planned for release in the next year or so also.

These delectable and effective little drops are available at Kroger, Walgreen's, CVS, Saf…