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Citrus Magic is Powerful Stuff

Powerful Stuff is what I need in the room I call "Man Land" also known as the small master bath in our bedroom. A little Magic could go a long way in tackling these tough odors especially since there is a hamper in there. With socks in it. I have found such powerful magic in a product call Citrus Magic Tropical Citrus Blend Air Freshener and a little goes a long way.  One small squirt through the dreaded doorway and Voila' ... powerful Non-Aerosol released natural citrus oils which permeated the room as well as into the bedroom. Seriously a little bit goes a long way.
Citrus Magic is one of many innovative offerings by  Beaumont Products, Inc so I am sharing the link. Think it might be shopping time :D I received a product for testing purposes from Swaggable - all opinions are my own.