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Dazzle everyone with Kroger's Private Selection line

Want to put a spark in your next summer meal and need some inspiration? Just look for the black and gold Private Selection label in your Kroger aisle!
BzzAgent Quarma (aka Kimberly S.) here to share more of my Kroger " Taste of Summer" adventure provided by! This is my lovely bzzkit packed full of ideas and coupons - all that and a bag of Private Selections Sea Salt & Black Pepper chips! It took two trips to Kroger to manage to gather all four of the Private Selection (chips,Angus beef, pie and ice cream) ingredients as they were out of all the flavors of pie the first trip. Hmm very popular stuff! Since the Private Selection line offers such a variety of flavors this was just a great reason to come back and grab some more. On this trip I got to meet Joe - my friendly Kroger butcher who graciously went to the back to retrieve a package of Private Selection Angus Beef for me -
Charming and knowledgeable! He restocked the shelf with the standard sized pac…

*Contest over* The JĀSÖN® Family Essay Contest

Enter Now! | JĀSÖN - Natural Pioneer since 1959:

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Sweet contest to win a YEAR supply of  JASON products for the whole FAMILY! "JĀSÖN® means healer in Greek "  .They are an innovative company that started in California and have created natural and organic "body loving products" since 1959! Contest ends 5:00:00 (ET) on July 1, 2012 and requires you submit an original essay of 350 words (or LESS so be careful) of how your family enjoys JASON products. I recently received a full sized sample of JĀSÖN® as a Klout perk and since I just had the shampoo I tried it by itself. I always condition as I have really long hair so this was a real test. I was impressed by how soft and manageable my hair turned out!

Naturally Healthy Hair and Scalp - Hair Lifecycle and Structure, Hair Loss Causes, and Disorders

Naturally Healthy Hair and Scalp - Hair Lifecycle and Structure, Hair Loss Causes, and Disorders:

'via Blog this'Mouthful isn't it? This is some serious information and not a light read.I had been thinking about taking a class and I think I just found an alternative. If you have any hair questions this is a great resource! :D Easier hints can be found *here* a link to Good Housekeeping worth perusing

Private Selection by Kroger - Tasty New Options!

BzzAgent Quarma sharing "Taste of Summer" by Private Selection reviews. I grew up with Kroger and its fun to see them in a different light with their Private Selection line. This line is so popular already the stuff is flying off the shelf! I am a Bzzagent and received coupons to pursue my Kroger Private Selection "Taste of Summer" adventure! In the next few days I will show you the results of my fun little journey and share a picture of Joe ~ my Kroger butcher. :D
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