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Upgrading to Windows 8.1 Work in Progress


Ready to take the plunge and upgrade to 8.1?  I will share what I have found and done since taking the plunge a few days ago. I am not an IT pro ~ just your average home user who really likes social media, takes a LOT of pictures, loves music, plays games and likes to explore the web.

1) Do a backup before you start - some programs may not be compatible. I did not have any non windows programs I had paid for however if you do please take precautions. My brother claims to have lost access to a beloved graphics program.

2) Just the initial push of the upgrade button took a lot longer than I expected - It revamps your whole system. I have a fairly new computer and it took over 2 hours. You can still use your system while it does it. I made sure I did not upload or download anything and pretty quickly quit using the system as I kept checking the status of the upgrade.

3) SkyDrive gives you a free 7GB of cloud space - I have 5GB of pictures . I am still ex…

Immortal Energy 100% Natural Energy Capsules Review


Immortal Energy has been an intriguing product to try out . The suggested dosage is three to four capsules so my generally conservative self took three the first time. Since I am a caffeine fiend I held off on my usual beverages (espresso, energy drinks, lots of coffee) and was pleasantly energized quickly. In my opinion three was too many and I suggest trying two or spacing them out. I tried just one the next day and it did not seem like enough.

Now for the intriguing part ! The 100% All-Natural ingredients really sparked my interest considering I had not heard of half of them. Fascinating items like astragalus and eleuthero. Initially I was going to attempt to simply define each and then I discovered the handy guide on the website. The ingredients are far too complex for a standard definition. Just mouse over the "Learn About Herbs" section and see for yourself. Here is a link to the Immortal Herbs ** Faqs** page to get you starte…