Upgrading to Windows 8.1 Work in Progress


Ready to take the plunge and upgrade to 8.1?  I will share what I have found and done since taking the plunge a few days ago. I am not an IT pro ~ just your average home user who really likes social media, takes a LOT of pictures, loves music, plays games and likes to explore the web.

1) Do a backup before you start - some programs may not be compatible. I did not have any non windows programs I had paid for however if you do please take precautions. My brother claims to have lost access to a beloved graphics program.

2) Just the initial push of the upgrade button took a lot longer than I expected - It revamps your whole system. I have a fairly new computer and it took over 2 hours. You can still use your system while it does it. I made sure I did not upload or download anything and pretty quickly quit using the system as I kept checking the status of the upgrade.

3) SkyDrive gives you a free 7GB of cloud space - I have 5GB of pictures . I am still exploring this option. As I understand it the uploads to the cloud will be automatic. I take lots of pictures then delete a good percentage so if all my pictures go to SkyDrive will I have to delete them twice?  I could see a few movies , videos, music or office files eating this space up quickly too. This is definitely a work in progress part and one practical usage will have to be applied to before I know how it plays out.


4) When I turned on the computer today I noticed little "x'es" on some of the tiles and upon further exploration determined that these needed repaired. Surprise! I was surprised as these are Windows programs and that is what prompted me to write this. I clicked and "repaired" Weather, Video and Games and as you can sort of see above Travel still has the "x" in the bottom right hand corner. This is important because from my understanding programs that are not updated leave your system vulnerable and even though I have never used the "Travel" tile before I will go fix it.

5)Here is a link to Windows 8.1 tutorials *HELP*   There are ten subtopics - I see myself visiting this often.

6) There are many new features and new ways to get around. This is going to be a lot of fun and a lot of learning. I have a touchscreen yet I have found right click on my mouse to be really handy. There is a secondary main screen below the main screen that also requires my attention. You can get here by clicking on a modern arrow in the lower left corner or sliding up with your finger. Some of the Apps are *New* and a few say "Error" such as Sports. Lets go fix that . I had removed the tile when I first got my system but not removed the app.  Same thing as in number 4) needed "repairing" . Side note: Upon completing the repairing it flashes in the upper right that your app was installed. My take on this is this app came preinstalled and needed upgrading. Also once you repair a tile it opens the app so you have to go close the live tile (Right click and choose close live tile on the bottom options). See how the Travel tile above looks different? An open live tile means the app is running in the background.

There is a lot more to see and explore. My repairs have worked for all users however this may be different for you.  I hope my little post helps you stay safe on the web. All comments - especially if I provided bad information- or tips & tricks you have discovered are greatly appreciated! :D


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