Fresh Ideas From the Freezer

 This was just a fun campaign to do! Thank you MySharingNetwork via Kroger for the opportunity to sample these delicious frozen food Items. Goal of the campaign was to One Up certain frozen food items using provided coupons and make them more delicious, nutritious and attractive. The brands were Farmrich, Smartmade, Devour and Marie Callender's Delights. An appetizing and diverse assortment. Hope you like my simple ideas! Click here ~~~>  Check out My Sharing Network if you are interested in reviewing different types of products via the Kroger Family of Brands. I received free products via coupons for testing purposes.

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#Smiley360 Review

Practice makes perfect 😉 I received free products for testing purposes from +Smiley360 @Smiley360 

My Spin on Natural Spider Repellent by earhkind and a 20% off coupon!

Non-toxic and natural are key words that attracted me to earthkind Stay Away Spiders. The scent emitted by the spider repellent pouch is unobtrusive and pleasant .  No mess is a decided plus - I just removed the pouch from the packaging and popped it under my dishwasher near my back door. This product is designed to deter spiders using essential oils that spiders find offensive so they avoid the area. It is suggested to repeat treatments until the desired result is achieved. Now that I know where to purchase Stay Away Spiders I plan to do just that. I found mine at Lowe's Lilburn, Georgia. It is available at varied regional stores as well as online. ~~~> Grab A 20% off coupon!!! Click Me <~~~ I received a complimentary coupon from @socialnature Great place to sample and review natural products. All opinions are my own.  StoreFinder - Bonus 10% onsite

Find Your SToK Cold Brew Coffee

#LookatyouGo  I am really delighted that SToK Cold Brew Coffee is available at the Kroger near me. I love the convenience of just being able to pour a smooth great tasting cup of coffee any time I want. Some of my family  moved an hour away in the country and a bottle of chocolate SToK is great for the long rides. How to find your SToK ? I am stoked to share the STok store locator                                              STOK !!!!! Just imagine - waking up and opening the fridge, yawn and there is a shiny 48 ounce bottle of SToK cold brew coffee in your favorite flavor beckoning you to pour yourself some java. No mess and no waiting - unless you miss your cup. If you were getting coffee the old fashioned way you might have burned yourself! SToK Cold Brew Coffee is steeped for a minimum of ten hours and has a smooth, bold and slightly sweet flavor. My fave is Un-Sweet with Chocolate a close second. Not Too Sweet is also an option.  I received a complimentary coupon

Honeysuckle Embrace ~ Mrs.Meyer's Clean Day Honeysuckle Body Wash

  There are two things that really stood out when I first used Mrs.Meyer's Clean Day Honeysuckle Body Wash. The first is the sweet smell of honeysuckle that envelopes you like a warm embrace in the shower. The second was how hydrated my skin felt so I am ready for actual warm embraces. My slightly gruff husband said "You smell good" as an added bonus. The honeysuckle scent is quite noticeable in the shower and fades quickly. I actually like this because I like to use perfume so it just adds a soft flavor to your scent and makes your shower more enjoyable. I also like the 16 oz size and practical container. Easy to use while bathing and you can see how much you have. I am rather new to Mrs.Meyer's products and I am very pleased thus far. They have a comprehensive website and there are a lot of new to me products and what is in them, how the ingredients work and just tons more. Really a fun site and I look forward to exploring it more.                   

Silk NEW Protein Nutmilk

Creamy and delicious are the first two things I thought when I first tried Silk Protein Nutmilk. Great boost to a healthy breakfast. Inspired I created Nutty Nutmeg Banana Silkshake - No exact measurements . Put your ice cream or frozen yogurt in the blender, add a finely sliced banana and some sprinkles of nutmeg (I adore freshly ground) and pour Silk Protein Nutmilk in slowly until the ice cream rises then use the mix setting to desired consistency.Yum! I also added a few splashes to a commercial coffee drink as I often find them to be too sweet. The Silk Protein Nutmilk added a creamy texture as well as made my treat a little healthier.  Silk is the brand that has the flavors I want in the sizes I want.  I like their commitment to making the world a healthier place and it is true that Silk makes my home a healthier place. Silk is the first soy milk I ever tried and I am enjoying trying all the new varieties such as Silk Protein Nutmilk.  I received complimentary pro