My Spin on Natural Spider Repellent by earhkind and a 20% off coupon!

Non-toxic and natural are key words that attracted me to earthkind Stay Away Spiders. The scent emitted by the spider repellent pouch is unobtrusive and pleasant .  No mess is a decided plus - I just removed the pouch from the packaging and popped it under my dishwasher near my back door. This product is designed to deter spiders using essential oils that spiders find offensive so they avoid the area. It is suggested to repeat treatments until the desired result is achieved. Now that I know where to purchase Stay Away Spiders I plan to do just that. I found mine at Lowe's Lilburn, Georgia. It is available at varied regional stores as well as online.
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I received a complimentary coupon from @socialnature Great place to sample and review natural products. All opinions are my own. 

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