Find Your SToK Cold Brew Coffee

I am really delighted that SToK Cold Brew Coffee is available at the Kroger near me. I love the convenience of just being able to pour a smooth great tasting cup of coffee any time I want. Some of my family  moved an hour away in the country and a bottle of chocolate SToK is great for the long rides.

How to find your SToK ? I am stoked to share the STok store locator
                                             STOK !!!!!

Just imagine - waking up and opening the fridge, yawn and there is a shiny 48 ounce bottle of SToK cold brew coffee in your favorite flavor beckoning you to pour yourself some java. No mess and no waiting - unless you miss your cup. If you were getting coffee the old fashioned way you might have burned yourself!

SToK Cold Brew Coffee is steeped for a minimum of ten hours and has a smooth, bold and slightly sweet flavor. My fave is Un-Sweet with Chocolate a close second. Not Too Sweet is also an option.

 I received a complimentary coupon for Stok which I redeemed at Kroger. All opinions are my own. I am part of the My Magazine Sharing Network operated by Smiley360 which you can check out HERE.

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