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Freeman Beauty BareFoot Spa Professional Moisturizing Massage Cream is for All-Body

Not just for feet any more! Welcome to the new Freeman Beauty Bare Foot experience with products designed for all of your skin needs. I have always loved Freeman products and it was great when gave me a chance to review a new one.

I gave this product a few little tests - after willy nilly slathering it all over my feet first :D . Since this is for all over the body now I put it on one arm and did not use it again. Kind of drives me nuts playing scientist as I have the summer skin blues . I won't for long because this stuff really works and after a few days and another shower I can still feel the difference after only one use!

One of the stipulations for my review was to find the product at WalMart and that was easier said than done - WalMart places the Freeman Beauty products in different places and each WalMart is different. I found this line in a center aisle display with other products designated for use in the sun near the gardening center.

 I chose the Freema…