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Birds of a Feather Flock Together on G+ #GrowingCirclesHop

Learning about Google+ is an adventure and joining in the #GrowingCirclesHop is a great way to do it! The common thread for this flock is to meet other people that use Google+ and quite a diverse group of birds this is. I co-hosted for the first time last week and met social media bloggers, foodies, do-it your selfers, fashionistas, artists and more! Actually a little overwhelming as like a butterfly I was flitting from flower to flower.
 I am still processing all I learned yet here I am back to happily co-host this week because it was so much fun. You can apply to co-host or just join in by using the hashtag  #growingcircleshop. I grew my followers by 30+ and since this group tends to trend I predict even more this week as it is truly growing and this week I am better prepared.
A great thing about co-hosting is I now have permanent links to everyone who participated on my blog post however those are not the only fine birds I met.

 Here is the fancy html provided to me if you want to…

Special K Coffee House Breakfast Shakes Start Your Day Out Right

It has been a lot of fun reviewing Special K Coffee House Breakfast Shakes and they have become part of my daily routine. I was sent a  "bzzkit" from that included one Vanilla and one Chocolate Mocha Special K Coffee House Breakfast Shake and some coupons.

I decided it would be fun to go to our local park so I could take some interesting pictures, throw some frisbee and try them out ~ good enough excuse for a little picnic. :D

I just wanted something light and easy so I opted for roast beef sandwiches and the Special K Coffee House Breakfast Shakes. These drinks need a nickname - I am going to call them Bzz Special K Shakes since bzzagent introduced me to them and they make me buzz around like a bee. For one thing I do not think they are just for breakfast ~ I like them for a pick me up snack. The label reads like a vitamin bottle and they have as much caffeine as a small cup of coffee.

So whether you are hitting the road or your computer chair in the a.m. I wou…

Want a Grape Way to Start the day? Join in the Fun at Google+ #GrowingCirclesHop!

Whether you are just curious, just confused or just savvy about Google+ this is a fun way to meet a diverse group of Google+ users. Truthfully I am still a little confused and started out just posting pictures and found some fun groups with themes like #SignSunday and #stairsthursday. I have seen seasoned social media friends fumbling about on Google+ still - I am thinking of one in particular who published a book on social media. So don't be afraid ; just click, copy the hashtag (#GrowingCirclesHop) and post a little something. I always find it interesting who I find  I have some family members that rarely frequent most other social media sites yet they love Google+! I use a Google blog so my blog posts go straight there which is a " Google + " too :D

Sometimes I jump in with both feet and volunteered to co-host this "morning" event but no worries - you can join in the fun anytime!

They even gave me this fancy html :D

Welcome to the Google Plus Growing Circle…