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Summer Snacking Made Easy with Blue Diamond Almonds

Trying to keep fueled and healthy this summer? Blue Diamond Almonds are a super snack for so many reasons. They are ideal for outdoor activities - whether you are hanging out in the yard or headed to the park - since they won't get crushed. Almonds can satisfy the urge for a salty snack while providing loads of Vitamin E and magnesium. Vitamin E is great stuff for your skin and magnesium helps with proper muscle function so while you are out running around in the sun what better treat than Blue Diamond Almonds :D Vitamin E and magnesium also fight inflammation (

My sister Tera likes taking them with us when we go on road trips. She will forget basic stuff like toothpaste or an atlas but if I ask where the almonds are no problem!  We basically live out of the car on our trips so almonds work out great ~ no matter how hot it gets in the car or what we throw on top of them they survive deliciously. Makes them great for camping too. OOh I bet they would be fab …