Summer Snacking Made Easy with Blue Diamond Almonds

Trying to keep fueled and healthy this summer? Blue Diamond Almonds are a super snack for so many reasons. They are ideal for outdoor activities - whether you are hanging out in the yard or headed to the park - since they won't get crushed. Almonds can satisfy the urge for a salty snack while providing loads of Vitamin E and magnesium. Vitamin E is great stuff for your skin and magnesium helps with proper muscle function so while you are out running around in the sun what better treat than Blue Diamond Almonds :D Vitamin E and magnesium also fight inflammation (

My sister Tera likes taking them with us when we go on road trips. She will forget basic stuff like toothpaste or an atlas but if I ask where the almonds are no problem!  We basically live out of the car on our trips so almonds work out great ~ no matter how hot it gets in the car or what we throw on top of them they survive deliciously. Makes them great for camping too. OOh I bet they would be fab for taking to the beach too!

Summer events are always hard to bring stuff for. In my family there is more than one diabetic and my sister Val's gang is trying to stick to a paleo diet. Blue Diamond Almonds are fine for both of these. I know what I am bringing next get together! I have been doing a little research on almonds and they are beneficial for Type 2 diabetics and those with cholesterol issues. They improve the HDL (healthy) and lower the LDL (lousy) levels.

Enough of the research - the almond flavors supplied to me by Blue Diamond are consistently delicious. The Rosemary & Black Pepper variety makes you smack your lips and reach for more. I had a little fun with the Whole Natural ones and popped some into yogurt to fuel my blog writing.


Have you learned anything from me today? Do you have anything you would like to share? I love comments :D
I love when I receive products to try that teach me so much! This post is sponsored by Blue Diamond Almonds. The opinions and pictures are all me.

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