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Superpoints Network...I hope you try it! :D

Superpoints Network:

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I actually make a little moolah doing this and it is really easy. It is fun. There are great offers to check out or simply spin and win!

What does $40 mean to you? | The White House

What does $40 mean to you? | The White House:

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Congress needs to walk in our shoes a bit. Lets feed them some peanut butter and jelly! :D

Pambra's -There is a solution!

The solution to an oft unmentioned problem in even the most delicate circles. Admit it ladies ~ when the sun is nigh or your hands are full of soapsuds sometimes you do more than glisten. When there is ten minutes left on an exercise video or its just past last break at work sometimes there is a discomfort called sweat and your brassiere has had enough. That is when you wish you knew about Pambra's bra liners. When I first tried them I wondered if these things really worked and then I cleaned house without one and wished I had remembered to put one on! That was proof for me! Here is a handy video and all the info to try them for yourself. I received a lovely three pack of easy care Pambra's bra liners to try out and review :D Find on Facebook! OR On The Web

Kleenex® Brand Tissues | The Leader in Facial Tissue Softness

Kleenex® Brand Tissues | The Leader in Facial Tissue Softness:

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This is really fun ! Get free Kleenex and share free Kleenex! :D
Then you get signed up for their fun and money saving website too!
Win Win!

Stop ACTA & TPP! - Never use trade agreements to mess with the Internet!

Stop ACTA & TPP! - Never use trade agreements to mess with the Internet!:

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This what I added when I clicked the link "Quit being star struck and sold bull by ACTORS and the slickness only the wealthy afford.You should count the nickels and dimes you are saving by those of us managing to stay off the public dole making tiny bits of money off tiny little sites on the internet we are hoping to grow. Your propositions will largely affect people like me not criminals." Kimberly Snyder 2012

I think we should be very concerned with the power of Hollywood over our Internet freedoms. I have an idea how to make them pay attention but no idea how to go about it. So I am starting here while I still have the freedom to do so. To me the government has the power but they are the middleman between "Hollywood" and us and it is "Hollywood"'s mind we need to persuade. They are the ones whose all important pocket is being hit and the people who…

CarrotTartSpeaks101's Channel - YouTube

Hand Osteoarthritis - YouTube

Hand Osteoarthritis - YouTube:

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I am venturing into video. This is an informative and very useful video for me as I was diagnosed (finally I kinda knew) with osteoarthritis in August 2011. This video is jam packed with useful tips including how the disease works, certain foods to avoid , practical exercises and a link to their website which I still need to go to :D

Am I Smarterer? :D

I think I will learn a lot about the media I use taking the tests here and will be "smarterer" for it and my spellchecker is going to be very active if I keep typing smarterer :D Do you ever jump right into a site and use it for the purpose that attracted you then realize later there is a whole lot more to it? With "Smarterer" you take tests (I think they should have called them pop quizzes teehee) that measure your knowledge about popular media sites like BzzAgent ,Twitter ,Facebook et cetera and get scored. Then you can post your scores and compare them with your friends along with the stuff you learned about! You can also take and make tests about other stuff too! I tried out the coffee test. I am very jazzed about this because I have a lot to learn and I Love To Share! And Learning How...I got a 585 on my first test (I chose bzzagent). These tests are short and move fast so give them your undivided attention! I am a proud BzzAgent and received this wonder…