Pambra's -There is a solution!

The solution to an oft unmentioned problem in even the most delicate circles. Admit it ladies ~ when the sun is nigh or your hands are full of soapsuds sometimes you do more than glisten. When there is ten minutes left on an exercise video or its just past last break at work sometimes there is a discomfort called sweat and your brassiere has had enough. That is when you wish you knew about Pambra's bra liners. When I first tried them I wondered if these things really worked and then I cleaned house without one and wished I had remembered to put one on! That was proof for me! Here is a handy video and all the info to try them for yourself.
I received a lovely three pack of easy care Pambra's bra liners to try out and review :D Find on Facebook! OR On The Web

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