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Honeysuckle Embrace ~ Mrs.Meyer's Clean Day Honeysuckle Body Wash

There are two things that really stood out when I first used Mrs.Meyer's Clean Day Honeysuckle Body Wash. The first is the sweet smell of honeysuckle that envelopes you like a warm embrace in the shower. The second was how hydrated my skin felt so I am ready for actual warm embraces. My slightly gruff husband said "You smell good" as an added bonus.

The honeysuckle scent is quite noticeable in the shower and fades quickly. I actually like this because I like to use perfume so it just adds a soft flavor to your scent and makes your shower more enjoyable. I also like the 16 oz size and practical container. Easy to use while bathing and you can see how much you have.

I am rather new to Mrs.Meyer's products and I am very pleased thus far. They have a comprehensive website and there are a lot of new to me products and what is in them, how the ingredients work and just tons more. Really a fun site and I look forward to exploring it more. 


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