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Life In a House of Testosterone: Followers Giveaway - Celebrate 2012!

Life In a House of Testosterone: Followers Giveaway - Celebrate 2012!:

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I love the name of this blog and they have great stuff :D

Superpoints really Pays Fast!

I just won 2 points on the SuperLucky Button!: Superpoints is a members-only club where you earn great rewards for doing things online like taking surveys, watching videos or shopping. This is fun and easy. Great little extra income and kinda like a roulette wheel except you always end up winning! Maybe 1 point, maybe 10 even 200!

Dnbuster's Place: Weekend Google+ Hop:)

Dnbuster's Place: Weekend Google+ Hop:):

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Coffee Drink Recipes – Coffee Recipes – Folgers Coffee

Coffee Drink Recipes – Coffee Recipes – Folgers Coffee:

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Folgers shares ways to make delicious coffee recipes at home. :D

SOPA ~ lest we forget

Certain news media that leaned toward SOPA/PIPA is already publishing persuasive yet unobvious articles to sway public opinion their way again. I signed up for a few newsletters that are now just begging for money for all their hard work instead of being watchdogs for the next wave. I can find more informative newsletters. I cannot alter the regional newspaper tossed in my driveway nor the limited views my brand new internet news service chooses to lean towards. I cannot change the conservative and disinterested congresspeople in my district unless I move (Not planning on moving) but I CAN continue to use the links to them I learned. This isn't going away...those that want laws similar to this enacted didn't give up...they will continue to use all the crayons in their box and the gray one will be worn down to a nub.

Twitter Blog cuz I get confused

Twitter Blog:

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This is just a link to the Twitter Blog with Sundance Film Festival featured and a list of all the @'s that are truly twitter :D

As of today ~~

Community – End Piracy, Not Liberty – Google

Community – End Piracy, Not Liberty – Google:

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This site has some of the ever growing lists and quotes from companies/people in a readily understandable format. Go Google! :D

Make the Call | Stop the Wall

Make the Call | Stop the Wall:

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I am climbing up on my SOPA box . Today January 18, 2012 there is a purported blackout on some sites. I understand the premise... you go to a site and it is blacked out. "Why" people will wonder? Chances are 99.9% of the uninformed or those who do not care or the people in other countries will just move on to a similar site that is not participating. Now what time does this start? Which time zone? I hope a few of them are choosing to inform instead.

RealAge Videos - RealAge

RealAge Videos - RealAge:

'via Blog this' These look promising for arthritis sufferers like me! Thanks Real Age! Absolutely Organize Your Family eBook: Debbie Lillard: Kindle Store

Kindle 2 Won't Change Your Life, but the Next One Will [review] | Fast Company

Kindle 2 Won't Change Your Life, but the Next One Will [review] | Fast Company:

'via Blog this' I want a tablet however I think I should wait as the techies are mad at work making improvements and competing for the market :D I do not want to wait however I can imagine people are ending up with bookshelves of these!

Superpoints Really Pays Off!

Ask me for an invite if this one is already taken :D

Tylers Coffees Contest!!!

I have been honored by Tomosons to have a Blogger Contest for Tylers Coffees. This is the first time I have held a contest so I am jazzed.

Read more about Tylers Coffees on my blog :D!

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Tylers Coffees are Special

I learned a lot about coffee testing this product! Tylers Coffees uses Arabica beans and when I opened the package the coffee smelled wonderful and was rich and dark. There are two main coffee bean types - Arabica (rich) and Robusta (bitter).

Tylers Coffees uses a unique process called Z roasting which renders the coffee acid free while still maintaining a high level of caffeine (and they also have decaffeinated). This is great for people with special dietary needs and /or those that suffer heartburn. There is a note right on the package that says it is Network Approved (Interstitial Cystitis). This is a disease that affects the bladder so my conclusion is that Tylers Coffees are great for those that suffer other bladder troubles too. Acid free also means it does less damage to your teeth :D.

They are running a great promotion right now where you basically pay just for shipping! .02 for regular , .01 for decaffeinated and just $4.99 for shipping for a "Perk Pack" that makes…