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My First Selfie Stick iclever

This has to be one of the more fun things I have received to review! Gold Bug series Selfie Stick - a Bluetooth Mini Selfie Stick by iclever.

Admittedly I am a Bluetooth novice and my phone has a voice command for selfies so I am going to focus more on other features. Like fun - it is very fun. I am still learning how not to get the stick in the pic. I am totally secure in how it holds my phone and trust me I am very careful with my phone. I used it in a mall parking lot on a rainy day and have the long shot of what is behind me.

  I love being able to take selfies and not have a close up every time. It was fun at an arcade however one must be careful of other patrons when doing this. Oh - must share that the iclever Universal Selfie Stick is very light, but sturdy. Weighs less than 1/3 of a pound, 6.35 ounces.

There have been some surprising uses for it. One of the reasons I chose my phone (HTC Desire 816) is because it has a large screen 5.5" however I have small hands and som…