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Zumba is Fun!




& Good for You  My friend Candi and I had so much fun the first time we went back the next day. You can burn hundreds of calories during a class . I just loved how jazzed I felt after doing it! I just discovered a place near me - Zumba with BillieJo Body Rock Fitness Studio!!! 1025 Killian Hill Rd. Suite H Lilburn GA 30047 DRIVE AROUND TO THE BACK OF FIVE OAKS FLORIST AND VITAL HAIR SALON! (404) 220-9960
The link is to Zumba with BillieJo's facebook page where she updates daily
Whilst BillieJo & crew are as sweet and enthusiastic as can be you may not live near Lilburn,Georgia ! 
Zumba.com has an excellent link on its page to help you find a class near you.
Feel free to come back and tell me how you liked it! 
This post is not sponsored - just wanted to share :D