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MorningStar Farms - Adventure in Veggie Land

We had a lot of fun trying out Morning Star Farms products and here are some of the ways I prepared them.
 One especially nice surprise was how easy they are to prepare in the microwave. Really easy. So not only are they a more healthful alternative and yummy there is way less mess.

Mmm smells like sausage! I am going to try cooking some in the microwave and some in the oven
The MorningStar Original Sausage Patties on the right were cooked in the oven. I think the oven cooked patties look plumper.
I think these are going to be great with some local honey. Did you know using honey from your region helps to combat local allergens?

This is just the beginning of my MorningStar Adventure in Veggie Land. I see lots of ideas. Chili keeps popping into my mind.

Thanks to and MorningStar Farms for providing me with the coupons and samples.



Luxurious Colorsilk  Buttercream Medium Auburn Ammonia-Free Nourishing Cream Color. I like it :D

Thanks and Revlon !

This was just the thing to perk up the winter blahs! Not only do I have fabulous color my hair is smooth and smells great!

I received a sample of this product. :D

Here is my hair before I used this

Glade Expressions Collection. Impressive.

It has been a great experience to get to review Glade Expressions Collection. Not only is the Glade Expressions oil diffuser cute the pineapple & mangosteen scent smells wonderful. Even though someone smokes cigarettes. I have had the diffuser set up a few days and it is still fresh. No plugs or batteries required. I am looking forward to trying some more fragrances in this line. Like lavender & juniper berry perhaps.

Well lucky me ! Included in my bzzkit from and Glade are  coupons for Glade Expressions Oil Diffuser AND coupons for a Glade Expressions Fragrance Mist.
  I really like the cotton & mandarin scent and that  the fragrance mist uses 100% natural propellant . The aluminum refill is recyclable too!

Here is a link to the  :D  so you can check out all the fragrances and great products.

As a bzzagent I received samples and coupons.