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Tip for "Kroger - Digital Coupons"

If you use manufacturer coupons and e-coupons you probably have come across this. I will forget I have the digital coupon and use a paper coupon. When I check my receipt the savings are not what I expected. This is because of (2) reasons. They always take the e-coupon first and e-coupons do not double. According to the Kroger digital coupon helpline they are supposed to give you your coupons back however that is not always true.It is a pain however now I try to pay separately for items I have physical coupons for. 

Trust me - I appreciate the fact Kroger makes digital coupons available! They have definitely saved me money. Just a tip for those that use paper coupons too ;D
Also sometimes there are paper coupons out there that are a greater value to begin with. However if you have given up on paper coupons and have a Kroger (or affiliate ) card check them out. I provided a link and there is a (?) on that page for more questions. Feel free to share any tips you have here!

Kroger - Digita…

Summer made easy with Kroger

I am always excited when I get I new bzz kit
Looking forward to hitting Kroger and getting the stuff!
This campaign is all about that fun summer stuff getting the food to the table faster with Kroger ready to go burgers and sliders.
I never even thought to look in the frozen section for Kroger brand burgers! it is going to be hard to choose because they also have seasoned turkey burgers I may have to get two bags .

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