Tip for "Kroger - Digital Coupons"

If you use manufacturer coupons and e-coupons you probably have come across this. I will forget I have the digital coupon and use a paper coupon. When I check my receipt the savings are not what I expected. This is because of (2) reasons. They always take the e-coupon first and e-coupons do not double. According to the Kroger digital coupon helpline they are supposed to give you your coupons back however that is not always true.It is a pain however now I try to pay separately for items I have physical coupons for. 

Trust me - I appreciate the fact Kroger makes digital coupons available! They have definitely saved me money. Just a tip for those that use paper coupons too ;D
Also sometimes there are paper coupons out there that are a greater value to begin with. However if you have given up on paper coupons and have a Kroger (or affiliate ) card check them out. I provided a link and there is a (?) on that page for more questions. Feel free to share any tips you have here!

Kroger - Digital Coupons:

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