Glade Expressions Collection. Impressive.

 It has been a great experience to get to review Glade Expressions Collection. Not only is the Glade Expressions oil diffuser cute the pineapple & mangosteen scent smells wonderful. Even though someone smokes cigarettes. I have had the diffuser set up a few days and it is still fresh. No plugs or batteries required. I am looking forward to trying some more fragrances in this line. Like lavender & juniper berry perhaps.

Glade Expressions Oil Diffuser welcomes my guests.

Whether they notice the stylish container or not they do notice the pineapple & mangosteen fragrance that embraces them when they enter the door. 

The Glade Expressions fragrance Mist has a label that can be peeled off for a sleeker look.

Well lucky me ! Included in my bzzkit from and Glade are  coupons for Glade Expressions Oil Diffuser AND coupons for a Glade Expressions Fragrance Mist.
  I really like the cotton & mandarin scent and that  the fragrance mist uses 100% natural propellant . The aluminum refill is recyclable too!

Here is a link to the  :D  so you can check out all the fragrances and great products.

As a bzzagent I received samples and coupons.

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