Game On - Snacking Made Easy with Blue Diamond Almonds

Snacking should be easy and that is why I like using Blue Diamond Almonds. Especially now that they have such a great squad of novel flavors and some are truly exciting like the Wasabi & Soy Sauce version from their Bold line - these Blue Diamond Almonds will wake up your mouth. Seriously -KAPOW. I decided to use them to wake up some fish. The side dish is couscous and spinach -hey I bet a few almonds would have livened that up too!

One thing I really love about a game feast is there are no holds barred and I am the referee so anything goes. My goal was a variety of things that went well with almonds and I was provided with two distinct flavors ~ the aforementioned Wasabi & Soy Sauce and also Blue Diamond Smokehouse. (Thanks Blue Diamond Almonds!)
Something about working with almonds makes me think healthy and I thought strawberries would go well with almonds and I was so right.
A little game changing fact - did you know almonds can help with cholesterol issues as they help raise HDL (healthy) and lower LDL (lousy) levels?

One of my favorite snacks anytime is cake - especially chocolate cake - so I decided to spike a few pieces with Blue Diamond Smokehouse Almonds. I watched a cooking show and learned that mixing sweet and savory is very trendy. It is also very tasty and I had fun making little hearts with the almonds.

Of course they are great right out of the can too :D  - Do you have any fun almond ideas?

 This post is sponsored by Blue Diamond Almonds. For more Game Changing Snacks, visit them on *Facebook*    INSTAGRAM  and  ~twitter~ .

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