Tie Dyed Fitness Ball: BalanceBall Tie Dye Kit - Gaiam

Hmm this is really tempting! Also on sale ! My balance ball (shown above) is old and beat and ugly so it is not very motivating http://www.gaiam.com/product/tie-dye-balance-ball-kit.do   Bummer! This is for a medium ball ideally suited for people 5'6" to 5'11" NOT my height but its a great price. I did find this free workout for my ugly old ball though! http://life.gaiam.com/video/8-minute-ball-workout.  This small (55 cm) stability ball is also on sale but its just WAY too pink for me http://www.gaiam.com/product/the+firm+slim+sculpt+stability+ball+55cm.do

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