Sahale Snacks ~ An Adventure in Flavor :D

I adored trying out Sahale Snacks. The quality of the ingredients is impressive. Being able to recognize all the ingredients as natural food is rare.

As a breakfast bar kind of person the Sahale Bars really appealed to me. I love the convenience of bars - no utensils, no cooking. All bars are not created equal and Sahale Bars are in a class of their own. Even the names sound better ~ like Salted Caramel Apple Pecan Layered Nut Bar. Or Almond Vanilla Latte Layered Nut What surprised me more with this sampling venture was that I preferred the Sahale Grab and Go Snacks even better than the bars. Especially the Pomegranate Vanilla Flavored Cashews Glazed Mix. Sturdy packaging keeps the product fresh and portable. As a bit of a nibbler (meaning I like to eat a little bit at a time) these are really handy as I can just have a few bites then clip the bag til I want more. They are also great in hot cereal - skip the sugar just toss a few spoonfuls of these lovelies in for a great flavor boost.

We took a few Sahale Bars on a recent excursion to Fernbank Museum of Natural History so we could enjoy the adventure without getting hungry and they slipped nicely into my jacket pocket. We had some fun with Sahale Bars at an exhibit too.
I think he wants my Sahale Bars!

Sahale Magic!
Let me save you some time finding your fave Sahale snacks STORE LOCATOR
You can also see the glorious varieties of Sahale products.

I received products for testing purposes from All opinions are my own.

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