Tazo Chai #SweetMeetsSpicy Coupon and Review

Tazo Chai is a great little tea bag for black tea lovers. It is a subtle blend of powerful flavors subtly combined to produce a refined finish. Generally I drink everything plain (black tea, ginger tea) however this is a nice blend to add to my cupboard. I am new to chai tea and this is making me a fan. There are lots of different flavors.

Admittedly I am a caffeine fiend and I love having a whole new variety of products to explore with Tazo Chai . Especially the Tazo Chai cartons which give you the convenience of cafe style drinks you make at home! I think the Tazo Chai Organic Latte carton is my favorite mix although I have not been able to find all the flavors on my local store's shelves.

That is why I am happy to share a coupon and store locator link TAZO .

They have decaffeinated flavors also :D
I received a free sample to review. Thanks Smiley360!

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