Surprise Kitchen Renovation Helper : Blue Diamond Almonds

My landlord is a DIY kinda guy - meaning since he only owns a few rental properties when he decides something needs fixed he will do it himself. Since he has a full time job he will do it when he can. So for a few months now he renovated my kitchen cabinets.

What this meant for me is half of my kitchen has been in boxes for a few months too - different halves in different parts of different months. So one of the first things I did was go to the local thrift store St. Vincent de Paul to donate a few items  and I took along some Blue Diamond Blueberry Almonds to fuel my hunt. I like how they fit in my purse without getting smashed, they are tasty and I have plenty to share. I was kind of hoping to find something to purchase for extra storage during construction and it was my lucky day. While I was browsing I heard a little commotion. They were trying to figure out how to get a book case through the back door and then where to put it. So I said I am interested in it and they brought it out to me, went and got the lady in charge and we decided on a price.

Side note: There are St Vincent de Paul stores all over the USA
   National link
   Georgia link

Their goal is to help people of all faiths and ethnic backgrounds become more self sufficient; not just help them over the rough spots.

Another way Blue Diamond Almonds helped me during the renovation was that I did not always know where things like dishes and silverware were and my landlord was busy in my kitchen - a lot - weekends - every other weekday - so when I was hungry it was Blue Diamond almonds. I just kept a pouch of Blueberry on my new book case, some low sodium Blue Diamond almonds next to my PC and when it was too noisy I retreated to the bedroom with the just sweet enough Salted Caramel Blue Diamond Almonds and cranked up the TV. Thanks for helping me through a rough spot Blue Diamond Almonds!

And yes I picked up a few more things than the book case at St Vincent de Paul. It is for a good cause :D

This post was sponsored by Blue Diamond Almonds. I am a Blue Diamond Tastemaker.

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