Gourmet Easy Style with Private Selection Brand from Kroger


When I want something a little fancy for dinner without a lot of fuss Kroger Private Selection Brand makes it easy.  Fine dining can be fun but sometimes I just want fine food . Lots easier to just head to Kroger and look for the distinctive brown and gold label than make a reservation and get dressed up. There are lots of items to choose from to make a complete gourmet experience from appetizer through dessert . This time we opted for Private Selection Steakhouse Angus Beef Patties and they were seasoned perfectly right out of the box. A quick dash over to the deli and produce sections for Kroger pretzel rolls , prepared in house coleslaw , Roma tomatoes and radicchio and we were all set. Easy.

Private Selection is just one of the many in house labels the Kroger family of stores has launched in recent years. There is also the Simple Truth Natural and Simple Truth Organic line, the PSST bargain product line as well as HemisFares which features regional food specialties like filled pastas. Of course there is still the Kroger store brand to save you money too and that is always expanding - recently I noticed a big boost in the international sections such as Mexican specialties like sauces and tortillas.

I also made a really fancy BLT using Kroger Private Selection Applewood Smoked Thick Sliced Center Cut Bacon, Kroger Mayo, Spring Salad Mix and Roma tomatoes and a loaf of fresh bread and served it with Kroger snacks. It turned out totally yummy!

No matter your budget, dietary needs or your culinary mood Kroger Co. Family of Brands has you covered and they are full of surprises!

                                                    I AM A BZZAGENT

I received coupons and products from bzzagent.com , all opinions are my own and this blog post was totally my idea.

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