Genuflect to Madonna and her "Rebel Heart"

Madonna's thirteenth studio album does not disappoint in variety or length. There are 19 songs and my version lasts one hour and fourteen minutes. Admittedly I am more of an early Madonna fan so I was surprised by the number of ballads as compared to danceable music. She still can be raunchy and shocking however there is a lot of sweetness and vulnerability revealed.

  The album cover made more sense to me after listening to the songs and I took notes while I first played it. So since I was expecting to be dancing it was unexpected that one of my favorites was a ballad called "Wash All Over Me" which I noted was a tricky little ballad - strong words sung sweetly. Like the cover there are interesting twists.
"Messiah" impressed me musically ~ very dreamy ~ starts with just the piano, then some strings, then some percussion until it is all melded together along with the lyrics. Another good one, "Ghosttown", is a spooky love song ~ very hopeful ~ and I swear I heard an old time organ which totally added to the effect.
Ahh but back to the dancing . I think the funnest and maybe the naughtiest song is "Holy Water" and I can not wait to dance at a club to it. I try not to cuss on my blog so you will just have to give it a listen because the best line contains swearing. Funny swearing. Fun beat.
A few of the tunes seem to be written to go along side a video like the collaboration with Mike Tyson & Chance the Rapper called "Iconic" . I am curious to see the video.
Prior to receiving the album I got a sneak peek at the video "Living For Love" and it reminds me of what Steven Tyler of Aerosmith said when video was new - about how it will make you perceive a song differently. Try it yourself - watch this video:

  Now just listen to the song and not watch. Did you have a different opinion of the song when you just listened?

"Rebel Heart" is released March 10, 2015 and is available on *iTunes* 

 I participated in the Madonna Rebel Heart album review program as a member of One2One Network. I was provided an album to review but all opinions are my own.

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