Making the World Safe For Ducky With Zep

Loved having the opportunity to try out some new cleaning products from Zep! Especially getting the disenfectant action without all the toxic fumes. Zep Quick Clean Disinfectant is non-aerosol making it lots easier to use and I always think non-aerosol is better for any environment.

Motivation for cleaning is always good and I kept seeing the buzz about Zep from my fellow bloggers so I was jazzed when I was invited to try it out. It was a great reason to actually move all the stuff out of the shower and get busy although the following photo is a little embarrassing ....


It took no time to get everything cleaned up and disinfected  for my little buddy with Zep Quick Clean Disinfectant. Not only does it clean and disinfect it deodorizes and kills Cold and Flu viruses aka Staph and Rhinovirus!


I also received "Zep All-Around Cleaner & DeGreaser"  which is my fave kind of product to keep handy ~ instead of digging through my row of specialized variety cleaners I just grab that Zep! Next target - Man Land ... maybe not so scary when I am armed with Zep :D

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Thanks CrowdTap and Zep for providing the complimentary products to fuel my cleaning adventures.

*DISCLOSURE* I received samples to try out however all opinions are my own

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