Upscale Your Kitchen with Ozeri Epicurean Digital Kitchen Scale

This is the first kitchen scale I have ever owned . I know one feature that attracts me to it is the sleek design - very modern and chic with a reflective contoured base and touch operations. Another nice touch is that it is battery operated with automatic shut off yet turns on with just a touch.

Another great feature of the Ozeri Epicurean Digital Kitchen Scale is the tare function .

Tare is the weight of a container before adding content to it . The scale registers the weight of the container and deducts it automatically so you are given the precise weight of what you put in. Especially great if you are weighing more than one item.

I decided to see what a serving of cereal looked like. I have always been curious. 

A scale can be used for measuring your servings or creating epicurean delights that require more precise measurement. Next thing I am going to try is weighing a package for mailing. This way I know about how much I will expect to pay to ship it! 


Here is the link to the USPS Postage Calculator  

Best of all here is the link to purchase

"I received this product from Ozeri to review. All opinions are my own."

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