High Blood Pressure Cold Care = Coricidin HBP

 To control a cold and high blood pressure at the same time use Coricidin HBP. I was not aware until I received the chance to review this for BzzAgent.com that people who have high blood pressure should avoid certain cold medicines! Decongestants may raise blood pressure - so now I will be picking out the cold medicine for my tough guy hubby who has high blood pressure! Hence to be called HBP , just like Coricidin does.

Coricidin HBP video with S.Epatha Merkersen

To learn more about high blood pressure like I did go to this website :


There is also this handy little quiz :

"Can You Escape the Silent Killer?   

*also links to more HBP info!*
So since I want to keep him I now have better information and Coricidin HBP ~  (coupon and product information link)      

I am Bzzagent Quarma and recieved coupons and a   sample for sharing this information :D  

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