National Consumer Panel seeking members!

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NCP (click here)
This is a Nielsen based company so if you are a member of one of their other ventures like Nielsen Digital Voice you can only be on one panel. Basically what you do is scan your purchases and send the info once a week. That is  my little scanner above ↑ Their motto is "Your Voice. Your Impact. Your Reward. " Kinda says it all pretty simply ! They also have surveys to further your impact (and add to your points ;D ). These are generally pretty short and some of the best written I have taken. You can use these points to donate to charity or redeem in their gift catalog. I keep getting tempted in the catalog however I have my eye on a big prize so I have been good at saving them. Speaking of prizes there are always some sweepstakes going on . I won some points last month (I like surprises!) and this month received extra points for my birthday! Sweet surprises and Happy Scanning!

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