Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Summer Fun Needs Fuel - Flavor Your Adventure with Blue Diamond Almonds

My favorite summer fun activity is taking pictures so I like to take along something easy to snack on. I love Blue Diamond Almonds for a bunch of reasons!

1) Healthy
2) Never melt
3) Easy to grab
4) Easy to carry
5) Plenty to share ( If I think I may be sharing I just bring some cupcake liners )
6) Never get smooshed
7) Tons of varieties - hot, sweet, spicy, fruity and right now I am noshing on the Low Sodium - delish !
8) Easy to eat while on the computer - no worries if these somehow spill ( I think you are really talented if you manage to spill these)
9) Great to keep in the car

What kind of summer activities do you want an easy snack for? Last year I took them along to an outdoor concert . I have  plans to go to a concert next weekend so I think I will bring some Blue Diamond Almonds - hmm what flavor would go with an Eagles Tribute band? Bet I won't eat my almonds all by myself so I better bring a couple cans! How do you Flavor Your Adventure?

This Flavor Your Adventure post is sponsored by Blue Diamond Almonds. I am a Blue Diamond Tastemaker :D

Friday, July 24, 2015

Easy As Breeze Chocolate Banana Shake made with Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Chocolate Almondmilk

The Challenge : Create a summer treat using five ingredients or less with Almond Breeze Chocolate Almondmilk
 After enlisting my lovely little neighbor Courtney we made deliciously easy Chocolate Almondmilk and Banana Milkshakes. Since the chocolate is already perfectly blended into Almond Breeze Chocolate Almondmilk it really was a breeze!

 Ingredients: Vanilla ice Cream
 Banana (we used a half a banana sliced per serving)
 Blue Diamond Chocolate Almond Breeze Almondmilk
Optional Garnish Whipped Cream

 Directions: I used a single serve blending device however my method can be used with any blender. I like my milkshakes thick but drinkable with a straw. Fill container about 2/3 with ice cream and pour Almond Breeze Chocolate Almondmilk slowly until the ice cream rises. Add sliced banana. Blend 10 seconds and check to see if it is to your desired consistency. Over blending results in thinner milkshakes. Top with whipped cream if desired and enjoy!

The benefits of using Almond Breeze Chocolate Almondmilk include 50% more calcium than milk, fewer calories, no saturated fat and added vitamins. Great shelf life.

 This "Easy as Breeze" post is sponsored by Almond Breeze Almondmilk ~ A Blue Diamond Almond product. I am a Blue Diamond Tastemaker.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Get Your Sleep On with Emergen-C Free Sample and Coupon

EmergenZzzz has been one of the most popular items I have ever reviewed . Everyone I gave samples to was very pleased and asked questions and/or shared about their positive experiences with the EmergenC brand. I had to hide the last of my samples from my hubby because he was using them all and I needed to finish my review! I am putting EmergenZzzz at the top of the shopping list! I also really like how the product helps replenish you while you sleep with antioxidants since I like to use it after my late night workouts. It really helps since working out makes me tired but a little wired! I have tried peach and berry flavored and I am #TeamBerry.

I am very happy to be able to share a link to a free sample and coupon!
click me

Happy Sleeping - You are welcome :D

*I received free samples and coupons. All opinions are my own.*
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Monday, June 29, 2015

Balance Your Snacking With Blue Diamond Original AlmondMilk

My sweet tooth solution is to balance out my treats with an ice cold glass of Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Almondmilk.  The hint of almonds is an added treat however the real bonus is there is zero saturated fat in any size serving of Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Almondmilk. Even though 2% dairy milk is the staple at our house I just read it contains 3 grams of saturated fat per 1 one cup serving! A cup of 2% dairy milk also has 12 grams of carbohydrates while a one cup serving of Blue Diamond almond milk has only 2 grams of carbohydrates. My husband has decided he wants to cut down on carbohydrates and he chugs milk so this is a great option.

Now I need to figure out how to cut carbs and saturated fat and carbs out of Danish :D

This post is sponsored by Almond Breeze Almondmilk

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Smart Snacking With Blue Diamond Almond Nut -Thins

  Lots of goodness in this gluten free snack and it is now my favorite for hummus. It does not crumble easily like most crackers and I made little hummus cracker sandwiches. It is pretty low in calories -130 for 16 crackers. It also has 3 grams of protein. Tasty all by itself too.

There are a lot of delicious things you can pair with Blue Diamond Almond Nut-Thins Nut & Rice Cracker Snacks. They seem to make me reach for the healthier alternatives in the fridge like fruit and cheese. 

I also had a grand time taking them over to Mom's to see how she liked them and surprised her at her computer with a treat. She has decided she will now purchase them too. Mom is a serious junk food junkie who now has to be a little more careful with her choices so this is great news! I also love my snacks and Blue Diamond Almond Nut-Thins satisfy that crunchy urge!

I received complimentary products for testing purposes. This post is sponsored by Blue Diamond Nut Thins. All opinions are my own.Yes that is my real Mom ;D

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Cocaine Energy Drink Challenge

This is just for fun and because we are fans of the product :D

Cocaine Energy Drink definitely works and has a strong cinnamon flavor. For a while they were not allowed to market it as "Cocaine Energy Drink" due to public outcry from somewhere and they called it No Name Energy Drink.

This stuff is STRONG and one is plenty so just drink it wisely!

This product does not contain any drugs or anything from the Coca plant. It does contain Taurine (750mg) and Caffeine (280mg) as well as Vitamin C, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin B6 among the other usual proprietary blend ingredients and I believe it is fun in moderation.

Gourmet Easy Style with Private Selection Brand from Kroger

When I want something a little fancy for dinner without a lot of fuss Kroger Private Selection Brand makes it easy.  Fine dining can be fun but sometimes I just want fine food . Lots easier to just head to Kroger and look for the distinctive brown and gold label than make a reservation and get dressed up. There are lots of items to choose from to make a complete gourmet experience from appetizer through dessert . This time we opted for Private Selection Steakhouse Angus Beef Patties and they were seasoned perfectly right out of the box. A quick dash over to the deli and produce sections for Kroger pretzel rolls , prepared in house coleslaw , Roma tomatoes and radicchio and we were all set. Easy.

Private Selection is just one of the many in house labels the Kroger family of stores has launched in recent years. There is also the Simple Truth Natural and Simple Truth Organic line, the PSST bargain product line as well as HemisFares which features regional food specialties like filled pastas. Of course there is still the Kroger store brand to save you money too and that is always expanding - recently I noticed a big boost in the international sections such as Mexican specialties like sauces and tortillas.

I also made a really fancy BLT using Kroger Private Selection Applewood Smoked Thick Sliced Center Cut Bacon, Kroger Mayo, Spring Salad Mix and Roma tomatoes and a loaf of fresh bread and served it with Kroger snacks. It turned out totally yummy!

No matter your budget, dietary needs or your culinary mood Kroger Co. Family of Brands has you covered and they are full of surprises!

                                                    I AM A BZZAGENT

I received coupons and products from , all opinions are my own and this blog post was totally my idea.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Have Some Fun With Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Unsweetened Vanilla Almondmilk

Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Unsweetened Vanilla Almondmilk can be fun with a friend while you are talking about diet apps and how far it is between cheat days. My friend Paula and I were talking about how almondmilk can be good for your bones so I used skeleton glasses. With only 30 calories per one cup serving and no added sweeteners the sipping is easy.

The shelf life far surpasses that of dairy products too if you live in a household that does not consume a lot of milk and they have shelf stable products you can keep in your pantry as a backup. I think it would be great for vacations too!

What I do is try to balance my diet and Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Unsweetened Vanilla Almondmilk is a tasty way to do that . It goes great in anything you normally add dairy milk to like cereal or coffee. My husband likes to use it with his protein mix.

"This post is sponsored by Almond Breeze Almondmilk."