Make Your Day A Better Place with Ruckpack Nutrition and Energy Shots

RuckPack is a revelation. There are three types of shots I received to review. All boost energy, endurance and focus naturally. Green tea is used as a natural caffeine in the caffeinated shots. These are Nootropic shots which was a new word for me ( and I resisted the pun almost). :D
Nootropics are brain food that enhance memory, mood, motivation, focus and cognitive functioning. In sports nootropics aid with mind-muscle communication and coordination.

 Caffeine Free Raspberry Grenade where they took out the caffeine and added extra vitamins, minerals and amino acids. A multi-vitamin in a shot!

 Strawberry Assault 120 mg caffeine

Citrus Ambush 240 mg caffeine

RuckPack is a full fledged sports nutrition company and I am happy to be able to offer you a 20% discount code : Discount Code: BB066 

One of the company mottoes "Ruckpack is Combat Nutrition. For Every Battle." Love that. So whatever battlefield you are hitting - be it the gym, the laundry room, work, wherever ~ you are at peak performance.
The supplements are made in the USA and the company is veteran owned and operated. They give 10% of profits to charity too!


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